UK and Ireland Surname Maps

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The data is sourced from UK, Manx and Irish telephone directories with the maps showing the percentage of people locally with the surname in question. Darker shades of red represent a higher percentage. Basing the maps on local percentages makes it easier to establish the source of ones ancestors.

Until now, I have focused primarily on English, Scottish, Manx and Welsh surnames. For this reason, most of the maps cover Britain only. However, I am now adding Irish surnames so some of the maps now cover both Britain, Mann and Ireland. Over the coming days I will be updating all maps to include Ireland.

If you are researching you family ancestry and can't find your family map here, then please contact me and I can add your surname when time permits.

The maps on this website which include Britain, Ireland and Mann have the following licence: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike.
Maps which do not include Ireland or Mann are not to be used elsewhere.