Popularity of given names

Your surname is your right given by birth, you share it with all of your family and you can follow it back thousands years into past. But your given name, which is the ones your parents give you, is something much more of a choice. Still, it is an important part of who you are, even if you change it, or adds something to it; your given name is still the one your parents gave you when you were born. You share that one with quite a few people with whom you are not related and they might live all over the world. It has its own meaning and even popularity, so let's talk a little more about that.

Why are some names more popular and some less

As times and periods come and go, there are some names that tend to be 'modern' or popular at the time. It is simply something that is decided by the society, things that are going on, wars, inventions and even huge events. If there is a person named Susan who becomes popular and is a true legend, then you can expect that it will become popular in that period.

Today it is the case that TV series, movies and books bring many trends in name giving and that happens differently in separate parts of the world. For example, there was a series made in South America in the 90's and it was called Esmeralda. About ten years later it came to Europe, especially East Europe and quite a few kids were named Esmeralda. It is the same case with the TV series friends, and even more modern ones like Game of Thrones. To find out more about the true cause why you were given the name you have, you might want to go back to the year you were born. It might be quite interesting to do so, or simply ask your parents for the true answer.