Where to find the meaning of your family name

You last name, family name or even called surname is the one you share with your family, your parents and a whole line of people going far back into the past. Even though you get your first name by chance, your parents mostly give it to you when you are born because they like it or because of tradition. Since there are quite a few people who have the same first name, it is not hard finding the meaning of it. But the family name is the one which meaning might be lost through the generations, or was even changed through time to fit in, or to be easier to spell or pronounce. However, there are resources like the surname distribution maps for Britain that also contain the ones from Ireland and the Isle of Man, where you can get some information.

Find out more about yourself

Even though you are your own person, it is important to know your ancestry, it's biological and historical side, because that is also an important part of you. It help you understand who you are and what your family has gone through the past and learn some useful things. Understanding the meaning and history behind your surname might be quite important for everyone, even if you don't live in Britain or Ireland and the Isle of Man and don't have access to surname distribution maps for Britain.

Celtic Family Maps offers you a portion of those maps where you might find your surname, its evolution and the notable members of your family dating back several hundred years in the past. Genetic mapping can help you find out where you ancestors lived and what race they were. You might even have some Asian blood, or have American Natives as ancestors dating back thousands of years in the past.